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Education Technology


Technology is powering much of our country’s educational transformation. From digital content, learning management systems, computer-based testing and much more, EdTech is innovating the way students learn and teachers teach. Learning styles can be pin-pointed and relevant content can be delivered to foster understanding. Its fascinating.

EdTech is a unique industry. Innovations need to “disrupt strategically” alongside state standards, involved internal processes and unique school requirements.

Fresh Tonic brings years of EdTech experience, having worked alongside assessment technology providers, learning content specialists and more. Our experience working with schools and educational organizations over the years provide a unique insight into “both” sides of the equation: the needs of the end-users (teachers/students) as well as the goals of the innovators bringing new products and solutions to life.

Case studies in this space are not permissible, I’ve assured my clients’ confidentiality in this regard.

Our work in this space is pure, potent and effective. Contact us to learn more.

Ed-Tech Organizations

  • Technology providers
  • Learning management system providers
  • Online assessment providers
  • Content developers