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The Open Access movement has turned academic publishing on its head. Smaller publishers are now able to create, publish and manage their own digital journals through open source technologies—like Open Journal Systems.

In other words, academic publishing is no longer the exclusive domain of traditional publishing houses. And that’s a wonderful thing.

The situation. As Open Access gains momentum, OJS continues to rise as a leading academic publishing platform. It’s tried, tested and open source—meaning its code base is free. Thousands of publishers, universities, societies and associations be leverage its framework to create, publish and manage their journals. Worldwide.

The challenge. 
Off the shelf, OJS is a template-based, open access workhorse. But it’s not without its own quirks and limitations, particularly when it comes to the front end design. The part readers will experience when they visit the journal site.

While OJS enables even the smallest libraries and academic units to become micro-publishers, creating well-designedsmartly architected sites remains a challenge for many nascent publishers.

The questions arise:

  • How can OJS be customized to best reflect the personality of the journal?
  • How can the content be better organized to surface the research—truly extend its reach to modern-day online researchers?
  • How can we work within this particular framework, and create a journal experience that meets—exceeds!—the expectations of today’s digital citizens?

By far, more research is being published today than ever before. It’s not enough to simply publish the work. Part of the challenge of compelling readers to spend time on your site, with the research, lies in creating an online environment that aesthetically mirrors the quality of the research itself.

The solution. This is where Fresh Tonic comes in. As experienced digital marketers, designers and developers, we are able to customize OJS to:

  • provide an engaging visual interface that reflects the spirit and brand of the journal;
  • better serve users through streamlined content, improved search functionalities and re-engineered information architecture; and
  • engineer ways to surface OJS content with newsrooms, social media and other digital channels to broaden its reach.

See how we helped this global academic publisher transform its brand position for its 35 OJS journals in this case study.


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