Pure & Potent Marketing

TKF Foundation

The TKF Foundation is a nonprofit is wholly committed to bringing urban greenspaces to communities who need them—neighborhoods and populations devoid of nature; communities aching to heal from stress, crime and loss. Through it’s flagship program—Nature Sacred—TKF has spent over two decades honing a unique formula to infuse nature into urban communities. A formula proven to work in meaningful, lasting ways.

Fresh Tonic is partnering with the TKF Foundation to rebrand Nature Sacred—which has spent the last 5 years ensconced in an exciting $5M research program to elucidate the healing powers of nature in communities hard-hit by disaster, PTSD, urban decay and more. We are working together with the organization to craft a new brand position, prioritize business goals and strategize new communications that include a website redesign, collateral and ongoing outreach. Concurrently, we are running their marcomm efforts to keep a steady hum of awareness to its target audiences—building up momentum to the new brand launch mid-year.

  • Business goal prioritization
  • Target audience definition
  • Brand positioning
  • Public relations
  • Ongoing communications
  • Content mapping & content development
  • Campaign strategy
  • Website redesign
  • Collateral development
  • Social media management