Pure & Potent Marketing

Kennedy Center

Fresh Tonic works closely with the Kennedy Center’s education division. This organization offers robust learning resources to K-12 schools across the country — robust resources that foster learning through the arts.

Getting these resources into the hands of the right people in the right ways is one of the over-arching goals of this program—alongside finding effective ways to advocate for arts education in schools.

Research and discovery informed a comprehensive brand platform and social media strategy program. They have specialized, niche audiences they want to engage on a deeper level. Thusly, we performed a deep discovery phase to better understand their audience segments’ behaviors: to understand what they care about, where they go online, and what outlets make the most sense to engage them.

From here, we performed additional industry research and led various “blue sky” planning sessions the center to fortify a brand position and strategic plan. Monitoring; strategic planning; specific campaign strategy and implementation; messaging and writing have been ongoing.

Services Provided:
  • Research & planning
  • Competitive audit
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Brand architecture
  • Messaging & copywriting
  • Logo evolution
  • Social media artwork & profile art
  • Messaging
  • Blog design & content
  • Ongoing social media implementation & reporting
  • Marketing strategies for special programs/campaigns
  • Supporting creative: graphics, flyers/posters for school programs/contests
  • Monitoring, listening, reporting