Pure & Potent Marketing

Who We Are

Fresh Tonic was founded by Holly Moring, an ad agency refugee who delights in strategy, branding and messaging. Today, she leads the agency with creative partner Angela Walseng, a fellow agency ex-pat who enjoys PR strategy, writing and asking lots of questions.

From their many years in marketing and communications agencies in the US and abroad, they have curated a stealth, expert team of creative marketers—designers, art directors and developers—who share their love of honest, fresh storytelling and communications.

About Holly

It was helping launch Wired Magazine that jump-started Holly’s love affair with marketing, innovation and amazing editorial. It was 1993—Netscape was the browser, email was new and technology was about to change everything. Wired knew this. Wired exploded in its first few years.

In New York City, Holly spent seven years at Fallon Worldwide defining, building and launching large-scale, integrated, global marketing campaigns. Her clients were Holiday Inn, Georgia Pacific, Timberland and Mindspring, to name a few. As a Project Manager, creative process became her study—how planning and collaboration are the key to happy brands with successful global reach.

Holly settled in at Planit next, working alongside Johns Hopkins, Georgetown University, Lincoln Center and the Walters Art Museum to build powerful, integrated programs. She served as strategic planner, brand steward and oversaw creative and program management.

Serving as a “client”, Holly became the Director of Marketing and Communications for a Summit Global Testing, a rapidly-growing assessment provider in the ed-tech market. As their brand ambassador, she was responsible for all brand management, writing, messaging, strategy and implementation across multiple channels and continents. She led a brand overhaul, with all the trimmings that come with a new message and identity.

At Fresh Tonic, Holly delights in partnering with educators, innovators and technologists to bring their strategic visions to life through pure, potent marketing and communications.


About Angela

Angela discovered jouangela_headshot2rnalism at the very beginning of her career, and was certain her path was written. The match was incredible. She could let her curiosity run wild, connect with people with interesting stories, and write—all as part of her job. But she soon realized that journalism wasn’t the only such accommodating profession. A turn with a communications agency in Oslo opened up a new world of opportunity. She was hooked by the different kind of creativity agency work required, and by the new challenges. She set a new course.

Today, Angela is a senior level communications consultant with more than a decade-and-a-half of experience earned in award winning agencies in both Oslo and the U.S., in a major European corporation, and as a founding partner of a social media based marketing research practice with clients that included Riviana, Cabot Cheese, Cambria Suites and Weight Watchers.

Prior to joining Fresh Tonic as a partner, she led communications for academic publisher Co-Action Publishing, now part of Taylor & Francis Group, working closely with researchers, studying subjects as wide-ranging as the microbiome to global health, to gain attention within the press and social media for their work.

She has managed client relationships, budgets and teams; developed marketing and branding strategies and plans; and served as an architect of in-depth social-media marketing research.

Like Holly, Angela is happiest when partnering with educators and academics; innovators and idealists.